Gift Coupons
Download and use Liz Ski Healey Design Studio templates for your brands. X X must buy license X X X
Promote the templates and make % commissions on sales through your affiliate link. X
Gift the templates to a friend or client. You can even include the coupons as a FREE bonus to your offer/course for a limited number of students. X
Run a social media giveaway on your account with templates as a prize. X
Create content on behalf of your clients using our Templates. X limits apply X
Modify and resell the templates for your niche as part of your brand. X
Include the templates as a FREE bonus in your product (for unlimited uses.) X
INVESTMENT $29.00 Free to apply $30 per coupon code or $200 for 10 coupon codes ($20 per coupon) or $1500 for 150 coupon codes ($15/coupon) $69 for 5 clients.  $149 for 10 clients. $499/annual for unlimited clients. Custom starting from $3000+

License Terms

You are under no circumstances allowed to present the

templates as your own original work.
Licenses expire 12 months from date of purchase.
Under no circumstances you own the rights to the IP including claiming it as your own or registering its copyright in any jurisdiction.
You cannot resell, share or redistribute the templates without a reseller license (custom pricing starting from $3000+)
You cannot directly compete and re-sell the templates to our customers, market and industry (online marketing, content creation, literary and education). You can only resell in niches we don’t operate in (e.g. SPA, brick and mortar businesses, insurance etc.)

Email us at to inquire about purchasing an agency/reseller license, or if you have questions.

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