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“We expect authors to be on social media.”

Jean Feiwel, Senior Vice President and Publisher | State of the Industry Keynote #NY21SCBWI

Win-Win Customization

This is a screaming deal for everyone involved! Not only has the “foundation” already been laid, but I will customize your Kidlit Debut templates (That’s 66 posts & stories!) 

I use YOUR branded color palette, YOUR fonts and YOUR image files AND save you EVEN MORE time and energy!

However, if you are looking to step up your Do-It-Yourself method; stress-less, preserve brain-cells for writing, AND stay “on-brand” each an every time you go to Canva to create, check out the Stress-less Vibe Board below.

Starting at $300

Stress-Less Brand Board

A busy author’s dream come true! You provide your color palette, logos and fonts and I deliver the 100% repurposeable; totally YOUnique graphic library on a convenient Canva platter in just 5 business days!

VIBE essentials include:

Imagine simply “cut and copying” from your VIBE Board directly into the post, story or thumbnail that you are creating! Waah-laah!

It’s all curated for you and conveniently stored in Canva (the place where you need it the most!)

If you are looking for all the custom-branded, cut and copy ease that the Stress-Less Brand Board offers PLUS, an “Easy Button” for an online INSTA-Debut, take a look below.

Starting at $600

Author INSTA-Debut

What if I told you that in 10 business days from your one-on-one Canva consult, you’ll have an immediate and professional Instagram feed at your fingertips!

Every aspect of your professional puzzle grid is intentional; Accelerate your reach and provide an instant online presence. PLUS, Now you are fully stocked with bundles of customized posts & stories. That euphoric position of getting ahead AND staying ahead is obtainable. In fact, you’ll have nothing left to do other than stress-less and write more!

The INSTA-Debut service includes:

If you are looking to start from scratch, or find an exciting BrandYOU with EVEN MORE customized posts, than look below.

Starting at $1697

BrandYOU Wish List

Position yourself with an arsenal of totally YOUnique graphics, made-to-order with inspiring one-on-one collaboration at your disposal! Perfect for authors anticipating a book launch, rebranding, a NEW BrandYOU.

This service automatically includes:

In addition to:

  • BrandYOU Wish List

Your customized wish list could include designs for:

Logos | Color Palette | Branded Fonts | Text Overlays | Digial Shop Mockups | Kickstarters | Book Luanches | Digital Shop Mockups | Puzzle Grids |  Highlights Cover | Cover Reveals | eBooks | Virtual School Visits | Platform Banners | Author Signatures & @handle designs | Author Debuts | YouTube Thumbnails, Pins & more

All graphics are Canva editable and deliverable within just 4weeks from our Canva consult and all deliverables are completely yours to tweak and repurpose forever!

Starting at $2997

Do it! Get Liz on your side, and you will be able to accomplish SO much in a short period of time!

Laurie W.

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