Guil-ty. My inner critic came up with this title. However, if that’s what it takes to write my first blog, so be it. 


That’s how “The Dog Ate My Blog” proved helpful. Ridiculous? Absolutely. But, this absurd title- got the deed, done. 


Now, I’m on the mission of continuing to trick my Inner critic.

Tanya is her name, and she is full-time pain in the you-know-what. Tanya is a SOUL-SUCKING, DREAM CRUSHER, and like this title, she often makes no sense.

So why the hell- do I listen to her? Good question.

Do you have a Tanya

Oh, and did I mention, I don’t even have a dog? I have rats. Seriously. Two sister rats; Tanga and Cookie. We currently experience life in SoCal with my awesome hubs, 6 year old daughter, and 5 year old son. And life as a military spouse, pre-published author, artist and Visual Brandoisseur … is inspiring, and like yourself, I’M GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

THEN, like and EVIL “Uncle Buck” Tanya shows up… she has convinced me of a great many things, like…

  • WE do not want to learn. 
  • WE have better things to do than blog  
  • WE are sticking to what we already know- like,


 How to raise “little readers (blog worthy),

How to Build your visual brand for less than a Netflix New release.” (also blog worthy) and

3 Things Author Should STOP Doing to Stress-Less on Social Media”  (Super blog worthy!) 


Ok, blogging may sound like an obvious decision NOWwww… but (here comes Tanya…) 

How can we do this?

Where do we even start?

And who are we to try something NEW (wait for it…) at OUR age? Umpf. Sound familiar?

I hope so, or else I have grossly missed the mark on my target audience, AND NOW I’m blogging about my folly! 


If you are reading this, it’s completely KARMA, because this blog doesn’t exist!

It is just between the two of us 😜.

Health and WriteLife Balance,


Psst. And if this blogging-thang doesn’t work out… I fear an actual dog is in our future (so it can eat this blog!)

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