“What is your position on Santa Claus?”

Context: Parents not wanting to “lie” to their children. Which, I get… (kinda.)

But if you really wanna know if… “I have Beef with the Big Man in the Red Suit?” I’m gonna tell yah straight – you’re asking a STORYTELLER!

I conjure, craft, concoct and contrive out of thin air; all day, every day.

I literally make a living out of making things up. Add heredity, to this mix, and I suppose I’m one of the worst from a longline of them!

My dad was notorious for telling his 3 daughters, tall tales – who probably got it from his father and so forth.

“A bloodline of liars I suppose. I grew up believing in the pumpkin fairy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” 

-Liz Ski Healey

It’s true and now I’ll have to tell you all about it…

Each year the Pumpkin Fairy would magically visit Dad’s hobby garden, and although it wasn’t visible when they were small and green; my sisters and I marveled as we watched the pumpkins grow, stretch and scar into what would become our names over time. 

Yup, our “chosen” gourd had been magically assigned to us, and we looked forward to it every year!


Wanna hear another true story?

There were the witches on our nature walksluring us by way of spare change, to her wicked house, nestled in the woods. 

Pennies would turned into nickels, nickels to dimes and, when the first quarter was found in our path,


(Any guesses?)

#1 We knew were getting too close, and we better turn back.

The unspoken second was,

#2 Dad was running out of money! 🤣

*Our hikes bore similarities of a certain Hansel and Gretel, and are without a doubt some of my favorite memories. Thank you Dad for all my most treasured memories… and mom for her vivid retelling of all our lives’ adventures! XOXO

Health and WriteLife Balance,


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