It’s my pleasure to UNBURDEN YOU!

These FAQs are straight from children’s book authors using our templates.

“After EDITING MY TEMPLATES, Canva told me I had to pay inorder to download it?”

Canva basic members will notice a “Canva watermark” over some elements of our templates – all that means is that these elements will either need to be deleted and/or replaced BEFORE DOWNLOADING. That’s all.
If you wish to keep, and use premium elements – the option to upgrade to Pro (which it is currently FREE for the first month by the way. 🙂 or pay for the images individually.

“Can I UPGRADE to BrandYOU if I already paid for the INSTA-Debut?”

Flattery will get you, well… EVERYWHERE. And the answer is, YES!

You’ve fallen for your newly curated INSTA-graphics and WANT MORE… a credit can be applied towards the cost of upgrading to the BrandYOU. Easy-Peasey, Lemon-squeezy!


 “How can I CONTINUE WORKING with you after my DEBUT?”

This is the ultimate compliment and I happily cater to my existing clients’ specific needs. I curate graphics for virtual products, mockups, special events, seasonal posts, holiday bundles, Kickstarters, banners across multiple platforms… you name it!

Simply, dream up your graphic wish list and Let’s Chat!

Here’s even more answers provided for your convenience.

Should I create a separate INSTAGRAM BUSINESS ACCOUNT?

Short Answer is, Yes. Having a business account is the ONLY way get metrics on how your stories & posts perform. (Such opinions are solely my own of course 🙂

What is a PUZZLE GRID Exactly?

An instagram puzzle grid is a “collage-looking” feed that depicts your brand’s photos, fonts, colors and graphics. It can also includes logos, products, quotes, etc. that help you stand out. It is the fastest way to establish a professional IG presence!


All our Canva templates come equipped with a commercial standard license.

This license grants you the right to download the templates and assets, make a copy in your own Canva account, modify, add your own information, and use them as often as you want in 1 Personal or Business Social Media Account.

A separate license is required for every social media account, including client accounts you manage and us the templates for.

You cannot resell or redistribute the templates, design assets, icons or parts of them in any way.

You may wish to visit License Agreement for Additional information.

Can I purchase your templates and just pay YOU TO CUSTOMIZE THEM FOR ME?

Honestly, this is what I like to call a “Win-Win Solution.”

Not only has the template “foundation” already been laid, but I will customize ALL pre-purchased templates using YOUR branded color palette, YOUR fonts and YOUR image files while saving you EVEN MORE time and energy!

Contact me and simply let me know you’re interested in a “Win-Win Solution,” and we can get STARTED IMMEDIATELY!


What does "EARLY ADOPTER" mean?

ear·ly a·dopt·er
a person who starts using a product or technology as soon as it becomes available. 
There are certain advantages to being FIRST;
You’ve got the upper hand.
You’ve got a headstart.
You think smarter, NOT work harder! 
So check it out our growing network of Children’s book authors just like you. Heck,  you should just JOIN US and receive all the advantages our Early Adopters!

What can you do with our Templates?

  • Use the templates for your business/brand only.
  • Use the templates to create content and promote your brand on your social media, webinars, courses, trainings, website etc.
  • Modify fonts, colors, copy so the templates fit your own style.
  • Use the templates for multiple businesses/blogs for which you are the sole owner of. You may wish to visit License Agreement for additional information.

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