Thinking about self-publishing, in the early stages, or READY to dive right in…

WELL then, I want to invite you to see this as the wonderful and unique opportunity that it is, to come along with me on my very REAL journey from story to self-published of my first children’s book in 4 months.

The world needs you to live your BIG, BEAUTIFUL PURPOSE!


I’m Liz!

Debut Author, Artist, and Visual Brandoisseur.


LIVE my truth, by helping writers live theirs ~ so that authors are made, books are born, and the world is made better because of both.
Starting August 2021, I will be hosting a valuable, see-it-for-yourself opportunity to come along with me FROM STORY TO SELF-PUBLISHED in 4 months as I self-publish and launch my very first picture book!!! 


From one writer to another, I promise to keep the journey REAL, provide weekly wins, lessons learned, and provide you with a slew of  helpful tips & tricks straight from the trenches! Heck, the most important thing is… if I can do it – so can you!

So let’s do it!

Let’s rip off our debut band-aids together,

so that we may ultimately stress-LESS and write MORE

(books that is!)

Health and WRITE-life Balance,


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Find out how much!

Kidlit KickStarter Bundle

100% Customizable!

Your Visual Branding Done in 1 Day

 Specializes in author-specific Social Media Templates, Visual Branding, and Book/ Digital Product Mockups


Openly amateur around here. wink

Client Love

Do it! Get Liz on your side, and you will be able to accomplish SO much in a short period of time!

Laurie W.

I was able to prepare all the marketing items for my book launch campaign quickly with her talents and templates, and had fun doing it!

Sherrie “Nina” N.

Doing it yourself can get overwhelming. It took a lot of time and effort. If you are struggling with getting your ideas and thoughts across visually stop trying to do it alone! Give Liz a call!

Dr. Rebecca M.

Knowing that you were creating graphics for me was the kick in the pants I needed to get started with my IG content, and your words of encouragement kept me motivated!

Jennifer B.

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